Thursday, March 18, 2010

you may think

you may think

you may think
these are words
this is a poem
this looks like a clever one

you may think
you can read it
appreciate it
like a daffodil or a butterfly

you may think
he is a poet
you are an enlightened reader
you appreciate his fine work

you may think
this guy sucks
he thinks this is poetry
I've read Milton and Yeats

you may think
this is uncomfortable
what does this guy want
I am reading his damned poem

you may think


Beth said...

I like it! I found your poem especially delightful because those nay-saying voices live in my head when I write. Keep writing, I'll keep reading your damned poetry!:)

Rob said...

You may think I am here, but I am gone -- delighted to have been here, hear...
Image & Verse

flaubert said...

This sounds sad to me. Nice.

gautami tripathy said...

To another poet these words make a lot of sense!

now open, now close

Tumblewords: said...

I think any of us could think this! Clever, indeed.

Jim McNeely said...

Thanks for the comments! I was in some kind of mood I guess.

Anonymous said...

feels punk rockish a bit to me...I think like it...I think...

Mary Weeks said...

I agree. I think you have a song here...